The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected all of us. From self-isolation, social-distancing to temporarily shutting the physical doors on small and large businesses, it is time for us all to sit, plan and implement new measures and procedures to navigate us through these new fields moving forward.

I hope the following information can assist you in some way moving forward, I even more hope that we can all come together (through all the social and virtual options available to us in 2020) and collaborate with helping hands where we can.

Please take the advice of officials seriously. Self-isolate when asked to, work from home when you can and be sure keep your social distance from each other.

Whilst business owners are all worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on them (unless you have shares in toilet paper and hand sanitiser right now), the most important message I can give to you is - this is truly the time to create and market content!

We are all on our phones more than usual now. Push your marketing, especially those with e-commerce businesses. While there are those being cautious with their spending at the moment, there are still those stuck at home and online shopping out of boredom. Regardless, once it is suitable and time to start shopping again, if you have correctly utilised marketing, the chances of making sales will increase. Think of how celebrities and large brands pre-promote with PR boxes and saturated advertising before consumers can actually purchase the product. This creates an eager ‘wait’ and sense of ‘fomo’ in customers.

We are all viewing, reading, and sharing online content at higher rates – look at you, here now. Make sure it is your business or your service people are seeing online. Check your insights regularly as they may have changed. See when your followers are most online and utilise these times to post for maximum exposure.

Spend some of your marketing budgets to work with influencers or content creators who photograph, create videos, model, blog, vlog etc all from home. A lot of these people will have the extra time now due to the cancellation of physical face-to-face events. If you are a content creator, promote your services at special rates – make yourself known! You can even try making content on your own as well. We have a bit more time on our hands to be creative and have some fun trying and learning new things!

From 5pm on 18 March 2020, The New South Wales Government implemented the Public Health (COVID-19 Mass Gatherings) Order 2020. Stating: none essential mass gatherings

(i)  of 500 or more persons in a single undivided outdoor space at the same time (no roofs and no walls, permanent or temporary [therefore this would include the use of closed marquees]), or

(ii)  100 or more persons in a single undivided indoor space at the same time

Are to be banned until midnight 16 June 2020.

If you are in the beauty, hospitality or service industry, you will be in the group mostly effected by this new law. Here are some things you can do:

  • Accommodate your clients forced to postpone and reschedule their events, giving priority to those with the closest effected dates first

  • Be flexible with your scheduling. When possible, postpone your business offerings to a later date

  • Encourage and promote easy rescheduling options instead of cancellations. Even if their event is cancelled completely (e.g. a birthday) explain that they will have a credit for their next event that they can look forward to once this is all over - even more reason to celebrate!

  • Let them use their deposits or fees paid for any date in the next year - extend expiry dates on vouchers or credit notes

  • Promote and offer at home services when and if possible

Again, push content!

A lot of us will be turning online for laughter, information and inspiration. If you can be creative and bring your area or service to the digital field, now is the time! Bring your workshops online, create informative tutorials, vlog and blog, get creative with old photos or videos you may have gathered and not had the time to do anything with, offer clever discounts to encourage sales and bookings.

Collaborate with others in the community so you can collectively use the content and promote one another. Think outside the box, try new things and try have some fun with it.

Any successful business has met one important goal. Finding a consumers ‘problem’ and then explaining how and why their product or service is a ‘solution’ to that problem.

For example; if you know there will be a peak in wedding events at the end of the year, publish all your availabilities online and update them frequently, making it easier for brides who are frantically trying to reschedule everything. They would more than likely book with someone they already know is available to avoid another disappointment! Take a moment to list any problems your target moment would have, and think of ways you can help or solve these problems. (Guys, I just gave you gold, don’t ignore it).

If you are continuing ‘business as usual’ (please don't use this term publicly on your announcements, it indicates you haven't taken any precautions or made any changes to procedures - and nothing about this sh*t is usual) keep your customers and staff in the loop constantly by informing them on the precautions you are undertaking for their safety. And update them with any new or major changes, news developments and health regulations. Also be prepared for these to change as often as daily. Create hygiene stations in the workplace and make sure your team and clients are following protocol to keep everyone healthy and safe. Be considerate and accommodating to each individuals concern, client or employee. Update your website and social media pages with any changes to your work hours, shipping delays, product demands or event/service cancelations. Information is key, when we are informed, we feel more at ease and therefore reducing panic states.

It would also be useful and highly recommended to undertake this 30-minute online training module. Especially for health care workers in all settings. It covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.

Let us all remain hopeful and mindful that even if things are looking overwhelmingly quiet now, we can capitalise on this time to prepare for a busy second half of the year. People will want to go back out, look good, shop, catch up with friends, refresh their learning and grow their businesses once COVID-19 has passed. The product and service demand will come hard and fast, and we need to adjust our product offerings and service availabilities accordingly. Remember, we're all in this together. Stay safe, stay kind, and stay preserving!

Health is the most important asset we have...

If you would like more detailed information, and need a break from the crazy solitude, Anna is hosting a FREE 40 minute interactive online workshop where the above will be discussed in more detail. You will also get a chance to ask specific questions to you, share your experiences with others and hopefully gain some reassurance and inspiration moving forward with more of a plan!

WHEN: Monday 23 March 2020 at 6:30PM AEST

WHERE: Your place


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