Do you find yourself stuck on what you should be posting online? Do you think you’re posting great content but it’s not getting the reaction you thought or hoped for? Are you feeling overwellmed with even starting a new business and promoting it online? Do you just need a re-boost of creativity and confidence? Do you find yourself stuck when it comes to branding and finding your visual identity? Let us help guide you in the right direction to get you feeling assured and seeing success with your online presence.


About your facilitator


Anna is the founder and creative director at SOCIAL AF. She graduated with best honours from a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) in 2011. Not only is she a graphic designer and photographer, but she has also had work experiences in advertising and marketing – working with a team on marketing/ads for big brands such as Colgate, Vitamin Water, Coca-Cola and Cadbury. She has successfully started two businesses within a year of each other, with the strong help of social media – as well as having a strong personal following online. This is your opportunity to learn from her knowledge and field experiences about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to flourishing and representing your brand.


We have created a variety of workshops for you. You can attend any or as many as you like, as they are all different in their content. We have also introduced the SOCIAL AF SOCIAL CLUB, a networking event that allows for custom questions and interactions.



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Building resilience through adversity... Learn ways in which you can pivot your businesses’ way of ‘doing’ to survive, and possibly even thrive, through these turbulent times.

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Great content builds visual identity for your brand, helps in making sales, generating customer attraction, loyalty and trust. From start to finish, you will have the skill set needed to make and deliver capturing content.

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Online marketing

Purchase a Masterclass Pass and access all 6 online workshops. 6 topics, in 6 weeks.. From constructing an efficient business plan to executing the perfect content and then marketing yourself...

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Sometimes the basics ain't so basic...

Learn from from the very beginning how to set up an effective instagram account and how to use it's features to their full potential.

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What App is that?

This online workshop is created exclusively to outline and demonstrate a variety of photo and video apps that can be used for both social media posts and story posts.

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branding & visual identity

Visual identity is such an important part of your overall branding. With correct and impressive branding, you should be creating consumer trust, loyalty and attraction to your business or products.

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Online marketing

With an increase use of media platformsso to comes the increase of digital marketing and competitors in the online space.  Online marketing relies heavily on having a digital marketing strategy in place.




I attended Anna's social media workshop last night as a refresher for work and personal projects and boy gosh did I learn a thing or ten (probably more lol). Anna really, really knows her stuff and the topics we covered in the 2-hour workshop were so relevant to anyone using social media and I will be definitely applying all her advice and tips to all my future/current projects. With all my notes that I took and everything fresh in my mind from last night, I ended up working on some of the Instagram pages I manage and I can already notice quite a difference in how I am posting photos and my thought process behind it now. Anna was also extremely lovely and helpful. I will be definitely recommending her workshop to my other friends in marketing and will be definitely using Anna for her other graphic design services in the future. Thank you again! 

MONICA, Sydney Graze

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the amazing workshop you put together for those like myself who have little experience in marketing. You created a fun and comfortable space for us to bounce off ideas and ask questions about business growth through social media. I’m now super confident and excited to boost my content! 

Scents Sentimentals

Thank you so much for last night my cousin and I really enjoyed your workshop, you were so approachable and helpful, it was also nice meeting the other participants too... Wish we could have stayed longer!! 

Evonne & heba

Just wanted to extend a huge thank you for the workshop on Sunday! We learnt so much and we’re so excited to begin out journey with your great tips and tricks J

Your warmth, kindness and easy approach was so encouraging and I’m glad we stepped out of our comfort zones and joined in on the action. Sorry we couldn’t have stayed longer but looking forward to the next one!